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Buy Safety Rope in Australia 

Because Static Ropes do not stretch, they are well suited for climbing fixed lines with ascenders and hauling loads. Popular brands we stock include Bluewater, Sterling, Beal and Tendon. We also stock ropes varying from 7mm to 12mm in widths, in spool or batches in lengths up to 200m.

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They are ideal for tree climbing and arborist work, industrial rope access and emergency and rescue operations. They are also used for recreational outdoor use like rappelling, canyoning and caving.

When you buy static rope in Australia, products include either closed ends or eye loops. A static rope does not stretch, and it is perfect for tense or complex situations, such as rescue operations, safety courses, rock climbing, ice climbing, outdoor activities and tree services.

If you are not working in these fields, use our ropes for hauling supplies, equipment, and items that are too heavy for two people to carry.