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Save Time, Save Money, Save Lives - A better way to audit your assets!

EZYiD’s cloud based Asset Management Platform paired with our RFID technology is the easy way to improve workforce productivity, increase asset’s lifespans in the field and protect your users from preventable hazards and injury.


Now there’s a better way to audit your assets!

The painful task of auditing PPE and working at heights equipment absorbs many human hours that can influence accurate data entry. Errors can have a devastating effect on your most valuable asset, your people. Decreasing the time it takes to audit equipment and assets is now easy with EZYiD.

Using state of the art RFID technology, EZYiD uses power-packed micro-chipped tags that are integrated into working at heights and personal protection equipment.

EZYiD is exponentially revolutionising how companies use work hours more effectively to audit assets. Would you like more productivity from your workforce?


  • Makes identifying assets easy (EZYiD)
  • Time saving
  • Reduces human error
  • Flexible with your existing audit software (keyboard emulation)
  • Portable system
  • Customised to your needs
  • Revolutionises asset management
  • EZYiD tag, ties and stickers can be applied manually to any product
  • Improves productivity

How It works

3 Easy Steps

  1. Purchase from the range of EZYiD finished products and retro fit EZYiD stickers, ties and tags to your existing assets.
  2. Connect the reader to your PC, laptop or mobile device via blue-tooth.
  3. Simply point and press the EZYiD reader at the EZYiD tag and the data will automatically upload to your existing software It can’t be any easier!