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Buy Rescue Ropes in Australia

The safety and security of the public are of the utmost importance. As you buy rescue rope in Australia, we offer products featuring natural fibres and sheath braiding

A nylon core in most ropes provides the durability and strength you require. Polyester coatings prevent slippage and increase safety.

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Colour-coding helps you organize, store, or find ropes during tense situations. You can use line safety rope as a:

  • Lifeline
  • Climbing rope
  • Throwline
  • River rescue rope
  • Escape line
  • Rit line
  • Short-haul line

Your department or group may require several rescue lines. Bright colours make ropes easier to see for rescuers and the rescued. Use longer ropes for major rescue operations, or buy large spools up to 200 meters as spares.

We help you build a full set of rescue ropes that perform in all situations with competitive prices, fast shipping, and improved customer care. 

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