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Buy Personal Protective Chainsaw Pants and Chainsaw Boots

While working with power tools like chainsaws, personal safety clothing can provide excellent chainsaw protection. At RISE Equipment, we stock chainsaw protection trousers, chainsaw chaps, chainsaw pants and chainsaw boots that are designed to be comfortable without compromising safety, and durability.

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Shop from trusted brands like Clogger, Meindl, Pfanner, and Arbortec for quality gear that last in the toughest working conditions.

Built for the Australian climate, the Clogger Zeros are lightweight and breathable. Conversely if you require fire resistant chainsaw pants Clogger also has you sorted with the Arcmax range. Built for those who work in environments where there are arc flash or fire hazards. The Arcmax range has been specially developed for the arborist. It’s the first fully fire resistant chainsaw protective line.

Looking for extra protection to prevent injury and stay comfortable. From SnakeSafe snake gaiters and Clogger Line Trimmers through to Chainsaw Arm Protection and the latest Clogger branded chainsaw pants suspenders / braces