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Buy Industrial Safety Harnesses in Australia 

Ensure Optimal Safety with our range of quality Industrial Harnesses for  better fall protection. Our range of industrial quality Harness are built with durability and comfort in mind.

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Whether you are looking for rope access harness equipment or lifeline systems, RISE has the safety equipment you need. We collaborate with reliable brands, including high-quality offerings like Petzl, Skylotec, Ocun, Edelrid and 4SRT.

Safety harnesses are designed to keep you comfortable and relaxed throughout the day, and each product passes strict quality specifications. You can customise all our products based on various models and sizes. Some safety harnesses also have additional features on the chest, hips, and shoulders to help employees move easier on ladders. 

A harness offers flexibility, comfort, and mobility in precarious job situations. Safety is essential, and only secure industrial safety harnesses make it onto our shelves.