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Buy Climbing Slings in Australia

Our quality Climbing Slings are suited for use in industrial work including Tree Climbing, Rope Access, Rigging, Rescue and Emergency applications. We also stock climbing slings suitable for recreational use in rock climbing, canyoning and caving.

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You can connect them as desired with carabiners or other accessories.  Choose slings in designs and lengths that you like to get the best climbing experience. While nylon is the most common material for climbing slings, you can also find climbing slings made of more durable and ultra-lightweight materials like Dyneema. 

We offer a fantastic range of climbing slings for all your outdoor adventure needs at the most competitive prices in Australia. We stock products from the most reputable brands in the industry, such as OMEX, TEXORA, BLUEWATER Titan, EDELRID, and AUSTLIFT.