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Buy Rigging Line in Australia

Our collection of rigging ropes are designed to be high in strength, low stretch and durable making them the perfect for choice for rigging lines.

We include reviews with each product, and competitive prices help you build a collection of rigging products. We’ll deliver them to you, or you’ll be able to pick up your order from our store.

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Use our rigging lines for cord rigging in all situations. The braiding in our rigging products provides low stretch, high strength, non-snag, and remains durable through several climbs. Your safety is our first concern when we choose which products we add to our store.

These lines are coated with unique colours, improving visibility. We carry several colours, including white/green, yellow, black, white/yellow, black/white, and blue/white.

100% polyester lines keep climbers safe when setting up a rigging line or tag line. 

Lines lengths vary from five meters to 100 meters, which allow for arborist blocks, dead-eye slings, or swinging bollards.