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Industrial  & Arborist Climbing Line

All our Industrial Rope and Arborist Climbing Lines are fully tested and standards compliant making it well suited for Industrial Rope Access and Tree Climbing Applications. The low stretch also makes it ideal for recreational use including rappelling, canyoning and caving.

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We offer lines up to 45 meters with a carrying bag—remember that you can only climb half the length of your rope.

Polyester climbing lines provide the best strength and security. Most ropes’ double braid design prevents slipping, and unique colours, including yellow, green, red, blue, orange, grey, and rainbow make lines easier to see when cutting trees or climbing.

Some ropes include eye loops for ease of use. Ropes are often NATA tested, sold in lengths up to 200 meters, and feature varying widths from 11 mm to 16 mm. We offer braided and kernmantle weaves, polyester sheaths, low elasticity, spliced ends, or sewed loops.  

Buy arborist climbing line in Australia for your tree service, recreational climbing groups, rescue teams, construction crews, and more.