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Wilhelm Benjamin Reutlinger I started working with wires and hemp ropes back in 1873. Under the leading of Dipl.Ing. Wolf Reutlinger since 1987, the company has been expanding its construction and development.

With the assistance of a highly qualified staff and a modern CAD - ystem, we have developed a close relationship with our customers. Our management system guarantees high quality and traceability. All processes and procedures follow the specifications of ISO 9000 / 9001.

With our know how we can help the customer in the detailing, development and mounting of the required system. 

For cable and net engineering, Reutlinger is one of the largest companies worldwide. For suspension systems, the companies facility has expanded 10.000m². It operates a network of foreign representations around the world.

"What is good is improved - what doesn´t work has to be changed."

With constant awareness, the following factors are made especially noticeable:

  • improving the strength of the complete system
  • reduction of the size, to improve the optical appeal
  • expansion of the design possibilities
  • reduction of the installation time